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Dr. Em Natural Beauty Care

Grow & Thicken That Hair Serum

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Grow & Thicken That Hair Serum

Finally, a formulation to address thinning hair for men and women without potentially harmful chemical preservatives & additives. The formulation is made with wholesome botanical extracts, oils, and essential oils. This product is also excellent for dry, itchy scalp. An unhealthy scalp affects hair growth. Many of the ingredients stimulate scalp circulation thereby promoting hair growth and healthy hair.

Ingredients: Organic & cold-pressed olive, avocado, & coconut oils,; aloe vera gel; aloe vera oil; sage, rosemary, & rose-infused avocado oil; veg glycerin; vit E oil; essential oils from rosemary, sage, tea tree, ylang ylang, thyme, geranium, peppermint, & eucalyptus.

Directions for use: Apply to scalp morning and evening. Gently massage for a few minutes. For thinning eyebrows, also apply morning and evening.

For dry/flaky scalp, apply and massage to scalp at night. Leave overnight. Rinse off the next day. Once hair is dry, apply serum to scalp and leave in.